Meet our team

Brendan Weinstein

United States
Brendan is passionate about helping more people find their way into big mountain flying. When he is not working on BaseBeta, you can find him in Yosemite Valley.

Adrien Thomas

Adrien is eager to help the communities he is a part of. He is our designer, and newly a Zurich resident. You can find him tracking in Lauterbrunnen on the weekends.

Adrian Witzenmann-Krell

United States
Adrian has charted out perhaps the most extensive GPS collection of the world's exit points and flights. He is a Senior Rigger with one of the largest collection of tracksuits, wingsuits, and BASE equipment in the world. He speaks five languages, and that comes in handy when we are abroad.

Tim Howell

United Kingdom
Tim likes big mountain glacier jumps and you can find him doing some insane mountaineering in the Alps when he is not flying. His current big mountain adventures are a stark contrast to the low walls of his home country, which you can still spot him at.

Gregory Noonan

New Zealand
Greg has done perhaps some of the best camera work of the 2010s and is exploring massive approaches in New Zealand.
And We Receive Mucho Help From Our Friends:
Claire Weinstein
Roch Malnuit
Chris LaBounty
Hartman Rector
Yegor Orlow
French Base Association
Salto Base
Igor Stol
Treehouse Mike
James Yaru
Kenny Daniel
Alberto Tagliati
Dimitris Kafasis